Hail Fated!

Its a truth that some people are just born better. Faster. Stronger. Smarter. Luckier. But what if there was a way to know who the special ones were from birth? What weight must burden that child’s shoulders knowing that to achieve anything less than Greatness was a failure. And yet, what arrogance must fill a young child’s mind, being told that they’re better than the other children by nature.

Such is the burden of the Fated. Special children born under different constellations determining their natural ability. The ability to see if an individual is Fated has existed since the Savage Era and its use has become increasingly widespread in the years since.

Now-a-days it is uncommon for a parent not to go see a village priest to see if their child has been chosen by fate. But even without a the spell, the child is clearly better than the others. Learning to read and walk well before other children. Fated begin to develop characteristics associated with their Constellation as early as childhood and develop at a rate depending on the Fated.

One thing is for sure, things will always come easier to a Fated. However being Fated does not always mean you are destined for Great things. It is true that the 15 Saints of Fate accomplished great things, but there have been thousands of Fated through out the ages who lived and died having accomplished nothing. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear as this Era reaches its Zenith, being Fated only gives you an advantage, it doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to win…


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