Verinaq - The Progressive Witch

A witch of the wilds aiming to modernize Svatch.


Human Witch 3

27 HP
13 AC (unbuffed)
+5 Fort
+4 Ref
+5 Will

15 STR
16 DEX
18 CON
INT 20
WIS 15
CHA 14

Heal +8
Intimidate +7
Knowledge Arcana +11
Knowledge Nature +11
Knowledge Planes +11
Knowledge Local +6
Perception +9
Spellcraft +11
Use Magic Device +8

Initiative 9 (13 if familiar is near)

Evil Eye
Misfortune Hex

Accursed Hex
Extra Hex
Improved Initiative

Arcane Temper (+1 Concentration and +1 Init)
Seeker (Perception is a class skill)


Verinaq was born in Eastern Svatch. He learned he was Fated at an early age, receiving a Familiar from the original Witch. He embraced his Fate, diving into the study of magic. As a teenager, he left Svatch for Gannoth in an effort to learn more of the world.

Verinaq - The Progressive Witch

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