Elven Lands

CAPITAL: Eleusis

POPULATION: Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes


The Elven lands are wrapped in Mystery despite having been known by Man for over 300 years and having been invaded and occupied on and off for 200 of those years. To this day no one is quite sure how many cities they have. The Elves live in the High Forest while the Valley Dwellers and Crag Folk live in the Eternal Valleys bellow. Officially the Little Folk pay homage to the Elves for the right to live on their protected land. In practice beyond a harvest tax levied by the Elves, the Little Folk are for the most part left alone by the Elves. Their governing body is their own, they simply ‘live’ on Elven land.


Depending on the generation Elves have different views on Humans. It matters little to an Elf what country a Human comes from, seeing as most Elves have one lump opinion on Humans.

Young Elves- The Church is a thing in the past. Their hold over the Elven lands was never experienced by the Elves and so they do not take Humans seriously. The Young Elves perhaps have the greatest compassion for Humans as well.

Young Adult Elves- These Elves only experienced the decline of the Church’s power. Possibly more than any other generation of Elves, these underestimate Humans the most. To them Humans are weak, and Elves the obvious Superior.

Adult Elves- This generation was one that fought man and had won, these elves saw the beginning of the Resistance. This Generation knows well the threat mankind represents yet are perhaps overconfident in the Elves ability to defend themselves. These Elves respect Humans but don’t mistrust them overly.

Elder Elves- Indeed an Elven lifespan is one long enough to remember the Sainted Cleric’s rise to Pontiff and the Paladin’s First Army of the Faithful and its bloody march into the Elven Lands. These Elves witnessed the terrifying March of Man, and the brutal oppressive regime that existed after, more so than any Generation these Elves fear and mistrust Humans.

Elven Lands

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