Era of Man


This is the current Era, the Era of Man. After the Era of Faith, Man’s dominance was proven. This era has also seen the greatest number of Fated. Indeed many are now worried with the growing numbers. This concern is represented best through the Nation of Kismet. A Fated Empire that has recently been born.

Fated Saints

-The Arch Wizard
-The Charging Cavalier

Major Events

Founding of the Academy
As the number of Fated increased so too did an understanding of the universe grew, it took the Wizard’s wisdom to forge a place where you could learn all aspects of the universe. From Study of the Ephemera and Tumult, to research on the Titans, to the nature of the Wyrd. All aspects of creation are taught at the Academy. Suffice to say such views are not looked upon too favorably by the Church. However with the Academy’s founding a new way thinking has come about and suddenly the Church’s power is no longer absolute.

The Last Crusade
The Last Crusade started when a scout from one of the Border Kingdoms encountered a small Elven outpost still occupied left over from the assault on Haven. The scouts believed it to be the head of another Elven invasion. There was a major outcry across the Lands of Men. The Cavalier took advantage of the momentum and called for an Army of the Fated to rise up and form. And rise it did, the newly formed army smashed down on the Elven outpost, completely destroying it. However before further campaigns could be plotted, diplomacy took hold and the Peace was maintained with the Elves. Truly the Last Crusade was more of a single skirmish than a legitimate Crusade and yet the name remains.

Founding of Kismet
Although the Peace between Elves and Humans endured, the massive army of the Fated still existed, and the Charging Cavalier was still eager for combat. Under the guise of ‘restoring order’ the Cavalier launched a 20 year campaign through the Border Kingdoms to form the nation of Kismet. With the Cavalier having passed away recently, Kismet has now fallen to the Emperor Omega, a ruler rumored to be the final Fated Saint of the final month’s constellation. However such talk is largely speculative, what is known is this Emperor Omega has a great deal of power, and as of yet undeclared intentions.

Era of Man

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