Frozen Era


The Frozen Era marks the earliest known historical events, although the year for most of them has been lost. During all of this era and part of the next an Ice age prevailed. Despite the snow and ice, this Era saw more of Fated Saints than any other.

Fated Saints

-The Eternal Witch
-The Poet Bard
-The Barbarian Warlord
-The Summoner of Anarchy

Major Events

Founding of the First Empire
The Barbarian Warlord conquered a vast land, indeed it was the largest empire that has ever existed at its peak. The Empire’s Golden age is considered its first 200 years. A strong legacy left to it by the Fated who founded the empire.

Fall of the First Empire
Alas as all things have a rise so too must they have a fall. Nearly 300 years after it had been founded the kingdom collapsed unable to continue the unending fight with beasts through the portals opened by the Anarchist Summoner. With the final collapse of the empire the portals closed, their purpose finally completed nearly fifty years after the death of the one who started it all. The exact reason for his actions are still unclear it is known that he died opening the various portals.

Frozen Era

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