POPULATION: Entirely Human


Established near the end of the Mystic Era, Ganoth is the home of the Church and the center for its power. Ganoth is a City-State with a few miles of farmland attached. Formally it is supposed to be a nation above politics existing for the good of Mankind, however in practice it is in many ways the center stage for political play in the Human lands.

Although now a shadow of the strength it had during the Era of Faith, Ganoth still has substantial clout among the Human nations. Ganoth is run by a Governor who is appointed by the Pontiff, the head of the Church. Modern Ganoth is a stage for much political maneuvering all masked by a pious veneer.

Since the Crusade the Templar Order has gained much influence within the Church. This has lead the Church to institute increasingly aggressive policies. Making military moves in order to enforce faith in the Teachings.

While the Church has many problems it is still a beacon of hope to many, to say there is no good left in the Church would be a lie. In many ways the Church is still responsible for protecting many in the less established Border Kingdoms.


Delos- Cool

Greywatch- Warm

Svatch- Cool

Tyrn- Warm

Elves- Cool

Kirell- Warm

Kismet- Cautious


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