CAPITAL: Greyhold

POPULATION: Entirely Human


Greywatch was originally a castle made for Lord Ivan Grey, it was decreed impregnable. From that castle the house of Grey spread its influence far and wide. Forging an empire named after their castle.

The wave of the Greywatch Empire over took many nearby nations. The momentum soon became unstoppable, it was only turned when they tried to invade the Dales, there the Defiant One, the Fated Saint of the Fighter turned the Greywatch army.

The Empire never fully recovered from that loss, soon losing hold of much claimed land the nation continued to shrink. Soon the new nation of Delos began an aggressive campaign against Greywatch, and when Svatch joined in the battle Greywatch soon surrendered. Today the former empire still clings to its proud heritage even though it is a distant memory.


Delos- Tense

Svatch- Cold

Ganoth- Warm

Tyrn- Warm

Elves- Cold

Kirell- Cool

Kismet- Cool


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