CAPITAL: Vertali

POPULATION: Majority Human; Large evenly mixed Minority


The story of Kismet begins 31 years ago, the year was 293 CR it had been years since there had been any hostile actions between the Elves and the Church, however relations were still tense. A hunting party stumbled across an Elven outpost, a remnant from the Crusades still manned by a skeleton crew.

The reaction to the discovery of this outpost was not good. Many called for another Crusade against the Elves. Amid the chaos, a Fated Saint rose, the Charging Cavalier, put out a call for an army of the Fated to rise up and march with the Last Crusade. Her rally call assembled an army unlike any that had been seen before, composed almost entirely from Fated. Such power had never been rallied to one cause before.

Before the Cavalier could lead the Army of the Fated across the Wilderness to the Elven Lands however, calmer heads won and peace was made between the nations of Man and the Elven Lands. Suddenly the Cavalier had an Army but no cause. Determined to blood her army, the Cavalier lead the Army of the Fated upon the chaotic Border Kingdoms left in the wake of Haven’s fall.

Twenty years of campaigning cut out a large swath of land in the control of the Cavalier and the Army of the Fated. Finally content with her work, she named the land Kismet and vowed it would forever be a home to the Fated.

A year later the Cavalier passed away, not much is known about how the power was passed within Kismet’s government, however it happened the Emperor took control. Very little is actually known about the Emperor but he has earned the nickname Emperor Omega. An obvious reference to the 16th constellation, implying the Emperor is another Fated Saint.

In the seven years since Emperor Omega took control of Kismet, there have been many changes. Kismet became isolationist, keeping careful control over who comes and goes from the country. Many rumors seem to imply that Fated are the Aristocracy and that regular people are second class citizens. For years Kismet has recruited new Fated from other countries. However over time more and more countries have forbade such recruitment, as more and more countries grow suspicious towards Kismet’s intentions. Now, only Delos still allows Kismet to recruit Fated inside its borders.


Delos- Cool

Ganoth- Tense

Greywatch- Tense

Svatch- Cool

Tyrn- Cool

Elves- Cool

Kirell- Cool


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