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Nations of Man

Kismet- Nation of Fated, strange rumors fill the land over what Kismet is actually like. (Can’t be from here)
Tyrn- A Economic Powerhouse, home to the Academy and has the monopoly on all magical goods as a result. Run by Merchant Lords.
Ganoth- City-State, Religious Capital, home of the Pontiff of the Church.
Svatch- Remnants of the the First Empire they hold true to the teachings of the first Human Fated the Barbarian.
Greywatch- Once a military power house Greywatch is now filled mostly with stuck up wannabes and few actual true warriors.
Delos- Originally known as the Three Dales, these countries could not find common ground even in the face of an oncoming threat from Greywatch, it wasn’t until the Fated Saintly Fighter fought off an entire army single-handedly did the three nations unite to form Delos, and put a halt to the war machine that was Greywatch.

Nations of Elfkin

The Elven Lands-The land formally known as the Eternal Valleys a region stretching from the Wilderness to the north and the Impassable Mountains to the south. The elves live in cities in the High Forest. No one is sure how many Elven cities there are. After the crusades Humans had only accounted for 8 cities three of which were destroyed when they were sacked but there could be many more.
Valley Dwellers- The hearty Little folk also known as Dwarves live here, these are the fertile valleys of the Eternal valleys and most are happy, however there is the beginning of mummers of discontent to be under Elvish rule.
Crag Folk- The cannibalistic Gnomes live here, it really sucks there’s only dirt, that doesn’t grow anything. Can you blame them for eating the fat hobbitses?
Kirell (Kay-rell) -The independent Dwarvish nation formed in the heart of the Eternal Valley. It is widely unpopular with the Elves but is the result of the Crusade, and is thus part of a treaty between the Elves and the Humans. The Dwarves are fiercely proud of their new home.

15 Saints of Fate

(Okay So I was originally going to write all these out at once but I got wore out just writing them, so I’m going to do one of these a day)

The Witch in the WIlderness
The Barbarian Warlord
The Poet Bard
The Summoner Anarchist
The Arrogant Sorcerer
The Druid Green-Bringer
The Holy and Revered Oracle
The Defiant Fighter
The Ranger of the Wilderness
The Rogue ish Spymaster
The Sainted Cleric
The Holy and Righteous Paladin
The High Inquisitor
The Arch Wizard
The Charging Cavalier

The Races

(WAY MORE INFORMATION COMING, for now the jist…)

Human- Dominant race North of the Wilderness disliked in the Elven Lands.
Half Elf- Half Elves are not allowed in Elven Lands, either the mother is human and the child is raised among humans as an outcast, or the mother is an elf and the child is left in one of the villages of the Little Folk where they live quiet isolated lives avoided socially but treated with respect.
Half-Orc- The result of raids made by orcs from the Wilderness. Heavily found in the Border Kingdoms. Many end up as mercenaries due to the life of warfare in the Border Kingdoms.
Elf- Alien individuals with strange customs that alienate most humans who come in contact with. They live mostly in the High Forest but occasionally an emissary will venture into Human Lands. (IMPORTANT: Elf is approval only, I prefer anything else.)
Dwarf- The Hearty Little Folk, they live mostly in the fertile Eternal Valleys. For the most part the Dwarves live under the protection of the Elves however a small Dwarven Nation has recently formed. The Dwarves are very proud of this.
Gnome- Gnomes ate the Halflings, they got hungry in the rocky area of the Eternal Valleys, so they ate the Halflings. They don’t do that anymore, well they do but only on special occasions.


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