Mystic Era


After the fall of the First Empire, Man entered an age known as the Burning Years. During these times monsters roamed the land left over from war waged by the Anarchist. There was no organized government to deal with the threat and so mankind entered a dark age. Meanwhile in the Elven lands many fated were seen during this time, including two of the Fated Saints. It was not until The Holy Oracle founded the Church in the city of Ganoth was order restored to the lands of men.

Fated Saints


Major Events

Death of Sigil
Beyond the Wilderness a young Half-Elf dared to challenge a fundamental force, its name was Sigil, a Titan in essence an aspect of reality. The Sorcerer did this because he was vein and believed himself destined for great things. With the Death of Sigil a significant amount of magic flooded the material plane.

End of the Ice Age
Using the Ephemera the divine energies left over by Sigil’s Death the Druid brought back Spring ending the Ice Age.

Founding of the Church
The Holy Oracle First Pontiff founded the Church near the end of the Mystic Era, it was through the order presented by the Church that the lands of man were finally able to stabilize after the anarchy from the Burning Years.

Mystic Era

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