Nature of Magic

Nature of Magic!

Okay so this is how I’ll break this down, without going too much into the history I’m going to break down each type of Magic out there. If you have any questions as to how Magic works please let me know and I’ll add something explaining it. Additionally as I create the Wiki I’ll try and put reverences on this page.


So Magic really breaks down into the following categories.

Pre-Dawn Magic: Used by Bards, Summoners. These aren’t powers so much as they are laws that existed before the titans. Bards and Summoners simply exploit these laws through study and talent.

Wilderness Magic: Used by Witches. Turbulent magic caused by a battle between the titans Mundus and Sigil. The energies can’t be tamed in conventional methods.

Sigil Magic: Radiant energies left over from the death of Sigil. There are two kinds primarily the Ephemera the calm tranquil energies of Divine Magic, and the Tumult the turbulent powers of Arcane Magic.


Witch Magic

Witches use the oldest kind of magic, the residue of a battle between Sigil the Titan of Magic and Mundus the Titan of the Material Plane. To most it is known as the Wilderness. This energy is wild and doesn’t match the transient energy left by Sigil’s death. A wizard or a Sorcerer can’t utilize this energy using their methods, only those who were born under the Witch can use such power. Their proximity to the power is not an issue however if they stray far from the wilderness they must bring a token of the Wilderness through which they gain power. FYI it doesn’t literally have to be from THE wilderness.

Bard Magic

Bards tap into a magic older than this world, they understand the power of words. The meaning and weight, use a large enough word and the weight of it will alter reality. Their magic is more a fundamental force that hearkens to an age before the Titans.

Summoner Magic

Summoners know the rituals to bind various creatures, these powers are similar to the Bards. The power of a command and its weight on the target if given the right way can make it your thrall.

Sorcerer Magic

Sorcerers tap into the Tumult the lower energies of Sigil using practiced technique to harness the turbulent energies they have learned to wield the power like a sledge hammer swinging magical energies like a large mallet.

Druid Magic

Druids draw upon the Ephemera the higher energies of Sigil with peaceful meditation and harmony with nature. A druid must be stoic to maintain their connection to their connection to nature.

Oracle Magic

The Oracle finds ease with only the slightest of tutoring at the methods used by the Sainted Oracle to access the Ephemera. The Energies of Sigil high above the Material Plane. This ability comes more from nature than anything else.

Ranger Magic

Rangers use some techniques of the druids but rely much more on combat techniques acquired from the Defiant fighter. So their training is minimal like druids Rangers must remain at peace in order to access the Ephemera.

Crusade Magic

The Oracle had many disciples all of whom wrote down his teachings, however the writings were scattered. The Cleric gathered them evaluated them and put them into a solid book. Known simply as The Teachings, this book broke down obtaining the Ephemera into simple ritual. No longer was it absolutely necessary for the user to believe whole heatedly in a something bigger than themselves. Now even the Lackluster could access the Ephemera with enough training. This was the basis for Cleric, Paladin, and Inquisitor Magic.

Wizard Magic

Wizards methodically approach the Tumult, using a measured approach in order to safely wield the wild energies of the Tumult. Wizards do not have an innate talent with the Tumult but rather they have an innate understanding of the Tumult.

So I made this drawing… Only to realize I didn’t label the thing in the middle of his body as the material plane. The Right side is essentially both Heavens and Hell and the Abyss or whatever…

Nature of Magic

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