Savage Era


This was an era of stabilization for the lands of Men. It saw the formation of four nations three of which survive to this day. The Era earned its title by the high number of Half-Orc Fated, it was declared an age belonging to the Savages.

Fated Saints


Major Events

Greywatch Castle is Built
The castle Greywatch was a feat of engineering, virtually impenetrable, any lord sitting on the seat of Greywatch was secure. A perfect fortress from which to build an Empire.

Battle of Defiance
This event marks the beginning of the end for Greywatch’s campaign. The battle occurred when the full might of the Greywatch army attempted to penetrate further into the Dales. The Fated Saint of the Fighter also known as the Defiant One stood alone against the army. And emerged victorious. Greywatch never fully recovered from the attack.

Union of the Dales
Inspired by the courage and daring of the Defiant One, the Three Dales were able to set aside their differences and unite to form Delos. This nation was strong enough to repel the advance of Greywatch. To this day Dales Unity Day is still celebrated in Delos and parts of Svatch, all celebrating the end of Greywatch’s campaign.

A Path Through the Wilderness
Following the foundation of Delos, and the subsequent restoration of order to the lands of men, a young explorer vowed to tame the Wilderness. Instead the Fated known as the Ranger discovered a safe route through the Wilderness. For the first time in history, a reliable path through the Wilderness existed for all to use. Suddenly the Elven Lands were open to mankind. The world would never be the same again.

A Haven Among Savagery
A few decades following the Ranger’s discovery of the Path through the Wilderness, a new country was founded along the edge of the Wilderness. Haven was a gateway country, elves and man wandered the streets in almost equal numbers. A powerful country in all respects, it held the only route to the Elven lands.

Founding of Tyrn
As order restored across the lands so too did trade begin to flow. The Spymaster made a number of important alliances during this time between various Merchants. These alliances laid the ground work for the founding of Tyrn. Despite Haven’s clear advantage, Tyrn became the chief trading partner with the Elven Lands. This turned Tyrn into a economic power house.

Savage Era

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