CAPITAL: Holhiem

POPULATION: Mostly Human (Some Half-Orcs)


Svatch is a nation with ties back to the Frozen Era when the Barbarian Warlord forged the First Human Empire. Holhiem was a small outpost city on the far north western edge of the FIrst Empire, quite by chance it survived the Burning Years and the demons and other creatures conjured by the Anarchist Summoner.

After Ganoth re-established order, Holhiem slowly began to seize control of more and more land creeping along the northern edge of the continent. Eventually the nation came to be known as Svatch. It wasn’t long before Svatch had carved out a large portion of the continent. Despite this Svatch was only half the size it is today.

The nation of Svatch doubled in size during the war against Greywatch. The Svatch people saw the Greywatch Empire as a threat and saw an opportunity to benefit from the spoils of war against them. It was a beneficial move for today the people of Svatch are powerful proud people steeped in tradition.

During the Northern Crusade much of Svatch was invaded by the Faithful, as a result the western lands of Svatch tend to follow the Church and its Teachings however the east of Svatch still believes in the way of the Wyrd, the laws that govern reality that have existed before the Titans.


Delos- Respected

Greywatch- Cold

Ganoth- Cool

Tyrn- Warm

Elves- Cold

Kirell- Cool

Kismet- Cool


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