CAPITAL: Vale City

POPULATION: Primarily Human


Delos is actually a union of the Dales, three separate countries with similar cultural backgrounds that were unified against Greywatch after the Battle of Defiance. Delos is ruled by a Triumvirate, originally the three Kings of the Dales now is a position held by a designated successor. Delos is a harmony of traditional values and modern thinking and is viewed as world power.

The modern concept of nobility has its origins from Delos, a forward way of thinking trying to shake the restraints of the Church. They seek to make a better name for mankind and escape the stigma of the Crusade.

Of all the nations of man, Delos is looked upon most favorably by the Elven Lands and the various factions of Little Folk. Delos is an advocate for diplomacy in almost all cases except Greywatch which they historically have tense relations with. Never having forgotten the aggressive empire’s actions that forged their nation.


Greywatch- Tense

Svatch- Cool

Ganoth- Cool

Tyrn- Warm

Elves- Warm

Kirell- Warm

Kismet- Cautious


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